susan c. dessel

1911, August. Martha Gruening Night Letter (Telegram)
Photo of Gruening's 1911 Night Letter (telegram).

- While a student at Smith College Martha Gruening affiliated with the National College Equal Suffrage League, and following her graduation represented the organization nationally. In a July 12, 1911 letter to Mary Ware Dennett, Gruening proposed that Mary Church Terrell be included among the speakers at the upcoming National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA) convention to be held in Lexington, Kentucky. - This is an image of a telegram sent by Gruening in August, 1911 to the NAWSA Chair, Resolution Committee, proposing a resolution to be put before the delegates to the 1911 National Convention in support of equal rights for Blacks – men and women. Neither suggestion above was accepted by the convention conveners.