susan c. dessel

FRANKELY SPEAKING Spring/Summer 2022 © susan c. dessel.

FRANKELY SPEAKING Spring/Summer 2022 © susan c. dessel.

The University of Michigan Jean & Samuel Frankel Center for Judaic Studies is pleased to announce the acquisition of artist
susan c. dessel’s micrographic drawings “BRICK IN A SOFT HAT”.

The work is based on research Dessel did as the first visual artist invited to participate as a Frankel Fellow (2013/14). The acquisition includes: “BRICK IN A SOFT HAT (Portrait of Martha Gruening, No.1)”, 2013, and “BRICK IN A SOFT HAT Series 2 Nos. 1-8 (Portraiture of Martha Gruening)”, 2014.

(No. 2 is featured on the cover of the most recent issue of the Center’s publication FRANKELY SPEAKING, shown here)


July 2021

Artist susan c dessel’s essay and artwork are among the work of more than fifty international artists highlighted in “THE ART OF BEING DANGEROUS Exploring Women and Danger through Creative Expression” (Leuven Press, 2021), Edited by Jo Shaw and Ben Fletcher-Watson.

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"WHEN ..."

2019 2020 Yiddish New York. Utopia: Visions and Tradition
“Visual artists grapple with questions of what would constitute
and/or create a ‘Heaven on Earth’, the longing for an ideal society, where all people are treated with respect, all of their needs
are met and we see an end to war and fear – a Utopia”

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November 2018 - January 2019

The Time for Home Exhibit

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