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arts organizations

Jewish Art Salon

NYAC (New York Artists Circle)

Berkenwald, Leah. “still lives” & the women of the 23 Souls. Jewish Women's Archive.                   4 September 2009.


Co-curator James Wagner discusses OUR BACKYARD: A Cautionary Tale

HEART AS ARENA: Dessel on 2006 TOP 10 (see #4)

On MTAA: Dessel tops Hoggards’ 2006 list

Queering Yerevan

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momenta art

tinsquo (there is no status quo) 11/01/06 Review by Mark Roth and Janna Olson.

art blogs’ responses to censorship of dessel’s work

May 11, 2008 Susan Dessel’s OUR BACKYARD Censored by gallery

May 12, 2008 NOT MY VOICE

may 12, 2008 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (or An Exhibition Space’s Responsibilities with Regards to Potentially Offensive Materials)

may 12, 2008 Hiding the Bodies in Our Backyard

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NOW BE HERE #2 NYC (i am #340) OCT. 23, 2016

A.I.R. Gallery – “Advocating for women in the visual arts since 1972”

Abrons Arts Center Henry Street Settlement

BAG Brooklyn Artists Gym

Gomez Mill House Historic Site

Nurture Art

Umm el-Fahem Gallery of Palestinian-Israeli Art

Volunteer at the Umm el-Fahem Palestinian-Israeli Art Gallery

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