susan c. dessel

Dessel’s new installation PIECES of PEACE has been selected by Israeli German Curator Dorit Jordon for inclusion in FAR FROM THE FRONT LINES, a 2017 exhibit that will bring together work about the Israeli Palestinian conflict created by artists outside of the Middle East region. Join us at the Opening Reception, September 8, 2017, Evanston Art Center, outside of Chicago.

Social change has often been brought about by artists who dare to say what few want to hear. As in many mediums, perspective derives from distance; being far away allows us to look closer, to see. Local artists living within the struggle between Israel and Palestine are often challenged and silenced by one or the other governments or public pressure for their work. Those who try to follow the complexities of the conflict from a distance find that although they have more creative freedom, they are still influenced by mainstream and authoritarian censure of artists’ ideas.

Artists who have created works from outside the space of day-to-day conflict nevertheless remain viscerally connected. Artists far away from the mapped borders may be among the first to finally – tentatively – step over into new territory. Being FAR FROM THE FRONT LINES creates an opportunity for artists’ dialog outside borders. Showing their work to a wider public allows both the audience and the artists themselves to actively promote meaningful change in our minds, where all borders ultimately reside.

Israeli Artist Dorit Jordan Dotan, Guest Curator, recently relocated to Chicago, where she lives and works. For over 30 years she has actively worked in the areas of peace, coexistence, women’s issues and human rights. A long-time participant in many social change activities, her role as a documentary photographer has brought her photographs and designs to the wider public. Her fine art has been exhibited in New York, Berlin and Jerusalem. Her documentary photographs have focused on coexistence and the human cost of the conflict.