susan c. dessel

Above,  ph! ph! ph!... (Cement and white earthenware)

Above, ph! ph! ph!… (Cement and white earthenware)

Commissioned piece “ph! ph! ph!…” was viewed by the public for the first time in the group show “TREES OF LIFE AND EVIL EYES” at the Abrazo Interno Gallery, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center (NYC). The exhibit was sponsored in part by YIDDISH NEW YORK. For a review of the show go to LINKS page, under Exhibits click on “Superstition Vies With Faith at Yiddish New York.”

"Trees of Life and Evil Eyes: A Contemporary Take on Superstition, Symbols and Mysticism"

susan c. dessel’s “ph! ph! ph!…” was among the work in “Trees of Life and Evil Eyes: A Contemporary Take on Superstition, Symbols and Mysticism”

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Dessel’s new installation PIECES of PEACE has been selected by Israeli German Curator & Artist Dorit Jordon for inclusion in FROM THE FRONT LINES, a 2017 exhibit that will bring together work about the Israeli Palestinian conflict created by artists outside of the Middle East region. Join us at the Opening Reception, September 8, 2017, Evanston Art Center.

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Dessel's Martha Gruening Bibliography Posted on DEEP BLUE


Martha Gruening Bibliography POSTED. Dessel’s BIBLIOGRAPHY based on her research as a Frankel Fellow on the life and works of Martha Gruening — suffragist, civil rights activist, journalist, lawyer… — is now posted on University of Michigan Library’s DEEP BLUE website. See LINKS page under “Academic Blogs, Publications, Links to Artist Talks”.

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University of Edinburgh Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities DANGEROUS WOMEN PROJECT highlights BRICK IN A SOFT HAT Series 2 Nos. 1-8 (Portraiture of Martha Gruening)

2016 - 2017

What does it mean to be a Dangerous Woman?

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