susan c. dessel

Image Above, Detail from Dessel's "Simple Math". Drawing/paper collage, 22 1/2" W 30.25"H

Image Above, Detail from Dessel’s “Simple Math”. Drawing/paper collage, 22 1/2" W 30.25"H

RESISTANCE, An Exhibition, curated by Deborah Ugoretz and Tine Kindermann, organized in conjunction with Yiddish New York, a festival of Music, Language and Culture.

The twenty-one artists in this group show explore themes of resistance that touch on the Holocaust, personal trauma and discovery, the AIDs crisis, Black Lives Matter, the Jewish imperative to protect the stranger, and today’s political climate.

About susan c. dessel’s work, “Simple Math” – In a recent New York TIMES Opinion piece about responses to racist comments made by the U.S. President, U. MI Professor Tiya Miles shared her fears for “those who volunteer to risk their bodies” yet closes by stating, “The change[s] we seek to make won’t be accomplished by words alone.” The diminishment of accessible, land-based public spaces – and the bureaucratic restrictions imposed on gathering in such spaces – combined with the ongoing expansion of virtual public spaces argue the importance of resisting through both words and actions. Dessel’s work considers the responsibility of each of us to effect social change through our own actions or inaction, leaving individual viewers to interpret and conclude on their own. SIMPLE MATH speaks to this.

Leave Your Swords at the Door


Curated by Haifa Bint-Kadi and sponsored by the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, the work in this group exhibit presented the artists’ perspectives on building bridges and fighting hate, negative stereotyping and prejudice.

Among the work exhibited was Artist susan c. dessel’s Installation PIECES OF PEACE: thirty-six hand carved Olivewood pieces with handwritten excerpts from the Oslo Peace Accords.

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Curated by Dorit Jordon Dotan, this exhibit of work by twenty-two North American-based artists offered perspectives on the conflict in the Middle East.

Dessel’s Installation PIECES of PEACE was on view to the public here at the Evanston Art Center for the first time.

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"Trees of Life and Evil Eyes: A Contemporary Take on Superstition, Symbols and Mysticism"

susan c. dessel’s “ph! ph! ph!…” was among the work in “Trees of Life and Evil Eyes: A Contemporary Take on Superstition, Symbols and Mysticism”

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Dessel's Martha Gruening Bibliography Posted on DEEP BLUE


Martha Gruening Bibliography POSTED. Dessel’s BIBLIOGRAPHY based on her research as a Frankel Fellow on the life and works of Martha Gruening — suffragist, civil rights activist, journalist, lawyer… — is now posted on University of Michigan Library’s DEEP BLUE website. See LINKS page under “Academic Blogs, Publications, Links to Artist Talks”.

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